Banking Law Essentials

    By Karol K Sparks

    Banking Law Essentials

    Banking Law Essentials

    By Karol K Sparks

    To help you decipher the complexities of banking law, this user-friendly guide provides a basic understanding to this specialty area. From outlining what is a bank to identifying your clients, this primer helps you understand "just the basics." Included is a comprehensive appendix of acronyms, lingo, and jargon that is easily accessible and includes banking terms, legal references, definitions, and more.

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    As an introduction to banking law, Banking Law Essentials lays the groundwork for lawyers to decipher this complex area of law. The author, Karol K. Sparks, delivers "just the basics" with practical tips and proven advice, in an easy-to-read conversational tone.

    The book shares decades of accumulated legal learning by the author and contributors and reflects their experience and knowledge as practitioners and educators. They simplify banking law and highlight what you need to know to get started on the substance. Beginning with "what is a bank?" to knowing your client and addressing your role as risk advisor, the book covers:

    • The roles of the banking regulatory agencies
    • The dual banking system
    • The corporate family - bank holding companies, subsidiaries, and more
    • The business of banking
    • Capital basics
    • Nuts and bolts of prudential law - 23A and B, Regulation O and Lending Limits
    • Fundamentals of bank examination and enforcement
    • and more!

    To help you navigate the acronyms, jargon, and obscure historical references to cases and statutes, the "Acronyms, Lingo, and Jargon" appendix is a quick and convenient resource. Included are banking terms, legal references, definitions, and chapter references to locate the terms in the discussion.

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    Karol K Sparks


    ABA Publishing



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    6x9 Paperback

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    3/7/2022 12:00:00 AM

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