IP Is All Around Us ®

Five-minute videos presented by the Young Lawyer Action Group (YLAG) of the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA-IPL) highlight the importance of patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property in real life situations. A group of young lawyers visit different venues to identify, explain, and explore how intellectual property affects and shapes our daily lives.

Patents and Innovation: AT&T Warehouse in New Jersey

ABA-IPL members see the technology surrounding telephone innovation: the patent for the first transistor and one for the related switchboards. AT&T shows how it addresses innovation and all areas of IP that help it constantly evolve.

Trademarks and IP in Wine and Winemaking: City Winery

Young ABA-IPL lawyers discuss the many areas of intellectual property law that are behind a bottle of wine: grapes, winemaking, corks and bottling, and labelling. 


Patents and Trade Secrets in Biochemical Innovation: ImClone Solutions

A visit to ImClone research facilities shows the pharmaceutical research process: Bioreactor where cells produce antibodies and the Bioflex machine where live cells are isolated for use in innovative drug technology. Decisions are made on whether to apply for patent or trade secret protection.


Copyright in Songwriting and Music Performance: Julie Gold Studio 

Grammy Award-winning composer Julie Gold tells about multiple copyright rights related to artists, songs, lyrics, the composition, book and performances—and the award object itself.


Trademarks and Trade Dress in Action: Red Bull Arena 

New York’s Red Bulls use trademarks and trade dress help protect the brand, image, marketing, and economic advantage of the team. Trademark and trade dress protections and licensing are involved in the stadium, signs, uniforms, programs, bottles, tee shirts, and Red Bull image shapes and colors. 


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