Welcome to IAG!

ABA-IPL members can join IAG through IPL Connect. The action group has a designated IPL Connect Community. Select "Join Community" and once logged in, you will be enrolled in the action group within 24 hours. By joining IAG you will have the chance to stay informed on IP legal updates and expand your legal network.

Rupert A. Knights, IAG Chair

Behind the Scenes of IAG

It has only be a few years ago when the Membership Board of the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA-IPL) created a small committee made up of three US practitioners and five to six international associates to explore membership benefits, events and issues related to the international IP associate. In the meantime, our small committee has matured into the International Action Group (IAG), a thriving group led by chair Matthias "Matt" Berger and David Postolski as special advisor and chair of the newsletter subcommittee. What we hope to bring US and International IP Associates are current legal updates, commentaries and opinions from around the world on a monthly basis. This monthly newsletter is something truly special and monumental and we welcome your assistance as a contributing writer. If you want to be a contributing writer we would welcome the assistance!


International IP Legal Updates

The IAG monthly newsletter brings US and International IP Associates current legal updates, commentaries and opinions on IP law, and developments from around the world.