Women in the Profession

The mission of the American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession is to secure full and equal participation of women in the ABA, the profession and the justice system.

Practice Forward amid COVID-19: New Report Available

The ABA Coordinating Group on Practice Forward has released the results of a nation-wide survey of more than 4,200 ABA members. Practicing Law in the Pandemic and Moving Forward assesses the experiences and needs of lawyers in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic and their expectations about how law practice is likely to evolve as the worldwide health crisis winds downs and eventually comes to an end.

2021 Margaret Brent Awards Recipients

Click here to see the five extraordinary women that will receive the 2021 Margaret Brent Award!

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New Toolkit: Men in the Mix

Our new report, “Men in the Mix: How to Engage Men on Issues Related to Gender in the Legal Profession,” looks at how male colleagues can become allies in the ongoing journey to reach gender equity. The report is based on research gathered from focus groups held in New York, Dallas, and San Francisco that revealed useful insights about why some men are more actively engaged in issues facing women lawyers than others. The accompanying toolkit includes dialogue scripts and a sample PowerPoint deck to assist organizers when hosting a Men in the Mix event.

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Motherhood and Caregiving Bias in the Legal Profession

Join us on Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 at 11 am CT for a webinar, Motherhood and Caregiving Bias in the Legal Profession: Dismantling the Systemic Barriers to Equity. What is the motherhood/caregiving penalty? Why is it still not recognized despite the value in weaving the human condition of caregiving into organizational culture? How do organizations implement procedures and decision-making for institutional change to ensure the success of mothers and caregivers? Join us for a lively discussion about dismantling the systemic barriers to equity and the perpetuation of bias, using an intersectional approach.

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Our Initiatives

The Grit Project

The Grit Project will educate women lawyers about the science behind grit and growth mindset - two important traits that many successful women lawyers have in common.

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Women of Color Research Initiative

To fully examine advancement and retention issues among women attorneys of color, the Commission has engaged in this groundbreaking research initiative on diversity dynamics in the legal profession.

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Bias Interrupters

The groundbreaking report "You Can't Change What You Can't See" was published in collaboration with the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. The report reveals the various biases that women lawyers of color and white women lawyers experience in the profession, providing recommendations to legal employers for removing institutionalized and systemic barriers to women lawyers' success.

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Zero Tolerance

"Zero Tolerance: Best Practices for Combating Sex-Based Harassment in the Legal Profession" is a comprehensive update to the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession's previous sexual harassment material. Its accompanying Toolkit provides further resources.

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Read about Issues Important to Women Lawyers

Get a fresh, innovative angle on the issues that are important and relevant to women in the legal profession by subscribing to Perspectives, the magazine for and about women lawyers. ABA women members can receive Perspectives in an electronic format at no additional cost.

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About Us

The Commission on Women in the Profession is comprised of twelve members appointed by the ABA President. Its mission is to secure the full and equal participation of women in the ABA, the legal profession, and the justice system.

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As the voice of the legal community, the ABA offers career-building opportunities, advocates for the profession and promotes the rule of law world wide.

ABA Connect

The ABA Connect platform gives women lawyers a space to discuss topics that are important to them and their practice. Perspectives Community continues the conversation started by articles in Perspectives magazine. Women's Caucus Community is a forum for more general topics affecting women lawyers.

Women's Caucus

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The Commission on Women in the Profession introduces Resolutions to the ABA House of Delegates that promote the rights of women in the legal profession.

Giving to the Commission

The Commission on Women in the Profession appreciates your donations to continue our valuable work. When you give to the Fund for Justice and Education, you can designate the Commission as your preferred recipient group. We thank you in advance!

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