Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & Responsibilities

The Hispanic Commission focuses on developing and supporting initiatives and research to educate lawyers on how best to serve, promote civic responsibility within, and address the key legal challenges facing Latino community in the United States.

The Hispanic LGBTQ+ Community - One Year After Bostock |

Webinar: While Hispanics comprise the largest minority segment of the LGBTQ+ population in the United States, they often face unique challenges coming out to their families, reconciling their faith, and experiencing discrimination in employment and other basic services. In this program, panelists will share their personal stories, summarize this historic decision, and discuss its ramifications, especially regarding the intersectional issues facing Hispanic LGBTQ+ individuals. Follow below link to view video of program and additional information.

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Helping Dreamers Realize Their Dreams - the Nuts and Bolts of DACA

Our esteemed panelists will provide a short history of DACA and discuss the latest developments, the requirements that an applicant must meet in order to qualify for DACA, and how attorneys can assist in the application process. Panelists also discuss the future of DACA under the lens of pending case law and federal legislation.


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Latinos in the United States: Overcoming Legal Obstacles, Engaging in Civic Life

This report presents preliminary information for the ABA's consideration, with the goal of providing a foundation upon which to expand on the work that has been started during the past years. The witnesses and stakeholders who provided valuable information to the Commission expect that their hopes were not misplaced that the ABA would take the lead in addressing these difficult issues. These individuals and organizations candidly described the challenges facing Latino lawyers, clients, and members of the broader Latino Community.

Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & Responsibilities | REPORT

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Redistricting: What Every Lawyer Should Know about the Decennial Process of Redrawing Electoral Lines

Redistricting is a highly politicized, public process involving significant community input. At the same time, redistricting is governed by several provisions of constitutional and statutory law, including the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Panelists explain the basics of redistricting and the laws that govern it.

Webinar - ABA Virtual Midyear Meeting 2021

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Crisis Management for Businesses 2.0 – The Impact of COVID-19 6+ Months In

Who would have predicted in March the coronavirus crisis impact on businesses—health and safety, financial, employment and so much more. These problems have been exacerbated for small business owners, especially immigrant business owners. This webinar features panelists from 5 legal experts in the areas of: Labor Issues, Workers’ Compensation, Real Estate/Finance Issues, and Immigration. Visit the Hispanic Commission's COVID-19 Resource page to view this webinar.

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Support the Hispanic Commission

Your support of the Hispanic Commission’s work is greatly appreciated and will help expand on our accomplishments and activities to date. The Commission is working on a variety of programs, including unauthorized practice of law (Notario Fraud), language access in the courts, voting rights, and much more.

Legal Summit of the Americas 2.0

Three part digital webinar series featuring panelists from the US, Mexico and Canada, to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Immigration, Business Trade, and Environmental law. To learn more, please visit the Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities Commission's Legal Summit page.


Leadership & Staff | 2021 - 2022

Leadership and Staff 2020 - 2021

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Webinar | Racial Justice in America: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

A discussion about racial justice in America in light of the events since the murder of George Floyd. Perspectives provided by panelists from African American, Muslim, Asian American, Hispanic, and Native America communities.

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About Us

The Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights and Responsibilities is comprised of one Chair and nine members appointed by the ABA President. The mission of the Commission is to address the challenges and responsibilities facing Hispanics in and within the legal system of the United States.

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