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Senate rolls out bipartisan bill giving organizations 24 hours to report ransomware attack payments (September 28)

Major US port target of attempted cyber attack (September 23)

Treasury OFAC releases Updated Advisory on Potential Sanctions Risks for Facilitating Ransomware Payments (September 21)

Major agriculture group New Cooperative hit by ransomware attack (September 20)

FTC warns health apps to notify consumers impacted by data breaches (September 15)

Massachusetts attorney general announces investigation into T-Mobile data breach (September 14)

Apple issues emergency updates over vulnerability enabling spyware (September 13)

United Nations confirms its systems were breached this year (September 9)

Bipartisan House group introduces legislation to set term limit for key cyber leader (September 7)

Howard University hit with ransomware attack, cancels classes (September 7)

Industry lobbies Congress to extend notification timeline after cybersecurity incidents (September 1)

Speeches, Articles, Etc.

Cybersecurity for Attorneys: The Ethics of Incident Response (Law Practice Today, November 2020)

ABA TechReport, 2020

New GAO report says K-12 students are vulnerable to harm (September 2020)

Hackers take aim at target beyond election 2020, experts report (September 2020)

NSA Director Nakasone lays out Cyber Command's new approach (August 25, 2020)

How to help employees working remotely protect client data (YourABA, April 2020)

Experts warn lawyers of cyber risks to remote work (ABA News, March 2020)

Task Force Liaison Suzanne Spaulding discusses preparing for cyber election interference (The Washington Post, March, 2020)

Artificial Intelligence in Our Legal System (The Judge's Journal, February, 2020)

Mitigating Your Business Risk: Board Responsibilities in Cybersecurity (Business Law Today, January 11, 2020)

NSA General Counsel Urges Action Against Cyber Threats (January, 2020)

ABA legal tech report sees drop in attorneys pursuing cloud cybersecurity measures (November, 2019)

Coding Out Implicit Bias with AI (Washington Lawyer, October 2019, p. 12)

Rewriting the Rules: User Data, Privacy, and Big Tech (Washington Lawyer, October 2019, p. 18)

Hardware Hacking Dangers (Washington Lawyer, October 2019, p. 24)

Task Force Government Affairs Office Liaison David Eppstein writes, The State of Cybersecurity in Congress (August, 2019)

As state actors continue to wage cyberwar on the United States, they have a powerful ally (ABA Journal, November, 2018)

NIST has a new blog

About the Task Force: Cyber Experts: Law Firm Info Security Is Not Just IT's Problem

About the Task Force: Veteran advocates continue to sound alarm on cyberattack vulnerability of law firms 

ABA Section of Criminal Justice magazine: Facial Recognition Technology: Where Will It Take Us? (Spring, 2019, Volume 34, Issue #01)

2019 Experian Data Breach Industry Forecast

Cybersecurity-as-a-Service Can Help Law Firms Protect Client Information, and Satisfy Client Audits (New York Law Journal, May, 2019)

Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security at US DOJ Delivers a Speech on Online Extremism

Mary McCord of the Department of Justice gave the closing keynote address at the George Washington University Program on Extremism's two day conference "Toward a Global Partnership to Counter Online Radicalization and Extremism." Acting Assistant Attorney General McCord discussed the importance of safeguarding the internet from terrorism, and how the government and private tech industries could work together to further this goal.

"Ex-DHS official offers  5 steps to address cyber espionage"