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Conti Ransomware Advisory (September 22)

APT Actors Exploiting NewlyIdentified Vulnerabilityin ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus (September 16)

Cyber Criminal Actors Targeting the Food and Agriculture Sector with Ransomware Attacks (September 1)

Advisory on Ransomware Awareness for Holidays and Weekends (August 31)

Indicators of Compromise Associated with OnePercent Group Ransomware (August 23)

Top Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities (July 28)

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures of Indicted APT40Actors Associated with China’s MSS Hainan State Security Department (July 19)

Potential for Malicious Cyber Activities to Disrupt the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics (July 19)

Guidance for MSPs and their Customers Affected by the Kaseya VSA Supply-Chain Ransomware Attack (July 4)

Russian GRU Conducting Global Brute Force Campaign to Compromise Enterprise and Cloud Environments (July 1)

APT Actors Exploiting Fortinet Vulnerabilities to Gain Access for Malicious Activity (May 27)

Conti Ransomware Attacks Impact Healthcare and First Responder Networks (May 21)

Darkside Ransomware: Best Practices for Preventing Business Disruption from Ransomware Attacks (May 20)

Spear-Phishing Attack Directing Recipients to Download a Fake Windows Application Impersonating a Financial Institution (May 13)

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Cyber Operations: Trends and Best Practices for Network Defenders (April 26)

FBI Disrupts Cyber Actors' Exploitation of Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerabilities (April 14)  

APT Actors Exploit Vulnerabilities to Gain Initial Access for Future Attacks (April 2)

Mamba Ransomware Weaponizing DiskCryptor (March 23)

Business Email Compromise Actors Targeting State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Governments, Straining Resources (March 18)

Increase in PYSA Ransomware Targeting Education Institutions (March 16)

Malicious Actors Almost Certainly Will Leverage Synthetic Content for Cyber and Foreign Influence Operations (March 10)

Compromise of Microsoft Exchange Server (March 10)

Telephony Denial of Service Attacks Can Disrupt Emergency Call Center Operations (February 17)

Compromise of U.S. Water Treatment Facility (February 11)

Cyber Criminals Exploit Network Access and Privilege Escalation (January 14)

Egregor Ransomware Targets Businesses Worldwide, Attempting to Extort Businesses by Publicly Releasing Exfiltrated Data (January 8)

For information regarding alerts prior to this year, visit the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.