About Us

Created in 1966, the Section provides leadership within the ABA and the legal profession in protecting and advancing human rights, civil liberties, and social justice. The following groups comprise the leadership of the ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice: the Officers and Council members, who govern on behalf of the Section; Committee leaders; and Liaisons to other ABA entities.

Staff Contact Information

  • Paula Shapiro

    Section Director

    202-662-1029 paula.shapiro@americanbar.org

  • Alli Kielsgard

    Section Associate Director

    202-662-1027 alli.kielsgard@americanbar.org

  • Ruchika Sharma

    Section Program Associate

    202-662-1670 ruchika.sharma@americanbar.org


In addition, the Section is home to liaisons to other ABA entities with interests complementary to the Section's mission.


As an charitable donor and by taking what you’ve learned from our webinars and trainings and putting it to work, you are making social justice real. Take your efforts to the next level by donating today to increase our impact on the issues most important to you. Your charitable gift promotes law and policy solutions protecting religious freedom, LGBTQ rights, gender equity, and more, and provides free resources on significant issues of today from civil rights violations, the election processes, immigration, health care access, and more.