Student Debt Week of Action | Sept. 20-24

The ABA's student debt week of action took place on September 20-24, 2021. We worked with several organizations during the week of September 20th to bring attention to the need for additional student loan debt relief, including through the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. While the student debt week has ended, you can still use our resources to learn more about the student debt crisis and reach out to your elected officials to ask them to address this critical issue.

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Student Debt Week of Action

The Student Debt Week of Action was held on Sept. 20-24. During the week, we had all-star speakers, opportunities to advocate, and showed Congress how the legal profession moves with one solid voice! We were also joined by other organizations who represent professions hit particularly hard by the student loan debt crisis.

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Student Debt Overview

The ABA and YLD advocate to reduce financial barriers to a legal education and minimize student loan burden. We also offer guidance for new lawyers on managing debt.

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YLD Student Debt Resources

The YLD offers guidance and resources for new lawyers on managing debt.

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Serving Our Members

ABA Policies are in place to help current and former students who are in debt from their higher education costs.

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To contact the ABA staff member, Michael O'Neill who works on issues with student debt, click here.