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Charities from the American Bar Association



By leveraging our vast membership, the ABA provides both financial and legal resources to a variety of charities. The ABA has no political action committee and makes no political contributions.

Fund for Justice and Education (FJE)

The ABA Fund for Justice and Education is a 501(c)(3) charitable fund that supports the public service and educational programs of the American Bar Association. For nearly 50 years, the FJE has helped the Association develop programs that provide lawyers with the training and resources needed to address the legal needs of our communities. Today, the FJE provides the ABA with over $40 million annually in gifts and grants that helps support over 200 ABA public service programs each year.   Learn more.

American Bar Endowment (ABE)

The American Bar Endowment generates funds for the support of law-related public service, educational, and research programs by building and sustaining the Legal Legacy Fund and by sponsoring insurance and other programs for the legal profession that encourage charitable giving.   Learn more

American Bar Foundation (ABF)

The American Bar Foundation is the nation's leading research institute for the empirical study of law. An independent, nonprofit organization for more than fifty years, ABF seeks to advance the understanding and improvement of law through research projects of unmatched scale and quality on the most pressing issues facing the legal system in the United States and the world. ABF is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Learn more

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